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Bespoke guidance, advocacy and coordinated support for individuals and families

Whether your loved one has recently been diagnosed or has been living with Dementia and/or Sensory Impairment for some time, we will conduct a full assessment of their needs and yours (if you’re their carer) and guide you through the maze of support options available. We can connect you with statutory service teams, liaise with your GP and Consultant on your behalf, assess benefit entitlement and ensure you are receiving the holistic support you may need. This is a complimentary service for residents within the Borough of Knowsley and is not means tested.  

Visual Impairment Training (VIAT) and Dementia Awareness – specialised training for professionals, families and the community

Our VIAT and Dementia Awareness skills based training courses highlight the potential issues that can arise for someone caring for an individual or loved one with Dementia and/or Sensory Impairment. They are educational, experiential, informative and packed with practical solutions to help you deliver person-centred care. Training is open to individuals, families, health and social care sector, local authorities and anybody else who seeks to understand more deeply the complex needs of these combined conditions. There is no pre-requisite to attend. 

Consultancy Services

For organisations who wish to understand more personally the complex challenges of Dementia and/or Sensory Impairment. This may include assessment of current procedures, delivery of a tailored training programme to employees as well as advice and recommendations.

Training Courses

We offer 1 and 2 day training courses for Individuals, Families, Agencies, Local Authority Owned Care Homes and Private Care Homes. 

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