Cure the Care System | Sign the Petition

May 25, 2021 | In the News

To mark Dementia Action Week 2021, Alzheimer’s Society have launched a very important campaign.

Right now, nearly a million families affected by dementia in the UK are struggling to take care of their loved ones with the dignity and support they deserve. Social care is failing. Chronic under-funding has led to a system that’s difficult to access, costly, inadequate and unfair. Until it changes, people living with dementia and their friends and family will feel its destructive effects.

NHS care is provided according to need and is free at the point of use. As a matter of fairness, dementia care must be delivered on the same principle. The Alzheimer’s Society is calling on government to cure the care system now. A reformed system should provide quality care, that’s free and easy to access, no matter where you live.

Please sign the petition to #curethecaresystem so that those living with dementia and their families get the help and support that they need and deserve.