Sight and Mind CIC is a community interest company based in Knowsley.

Sight and Mind launch

Image Caption: Cecilia Toole (left) at the Launch of Sight and Mind. Pictured with Sir George Howarth MP and Julie Moss, KMBC.

Cecilia Toole, CEO, Sight and Mind CIC

Cecilia has over 28 years’ experience in social care including first-hand experience of caring for a family member with dementia, dual sensory loss and co-morbidity health conditions. This experience of caring for a loved one together with receiving care herself as a child following a serious accident, fuelled her to undertake further study in this area and she now holds qualifications in Dementia Care and is a Rehabilitation Officer for the Visually Impaired.

She is passionate about person-centred holistic care because she understands the impact a diagnosis can have on the individual and the family. She established Sight and Mind CIC in 2018 to support families through that journey. 

“Feeling like you are lost in a maze is, sadly, something carers may experience. Sight and Mind are here to help you navigate that maze, side by side, so that you can continue to support and care for your loved one”

Cecilia is a member of the Rehabilitation Workers Professional Network (RWPN)

Dr Paul Clarkson

Image Caption: Dr Paul Clarkson Senior Lecturer in Social Care | Deputy Director: Social Care and Society | Senior Fellow NIHR School for Social Care Research| Research Champion, NIHR Greater Manchester CRN

Image courtesy of University of Manchester

Dr Paul Clarkson

Dr Paul Clarkson is academic advisor to Sight & Mind, a specialist social care researcher and Deputy Director, Social Care and Society, University of Manchester. He leads on dementia research and social care research at the University and promotes recruitment to research with the Greater Manchester Clinical Research Network for the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR).

Training Courses

We offer training courses for Individuals, Families, Agencies, Local Authority Owned Care Homes and Private Care Homes.