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Sight & Mind provide bespoke support for people living with dementia and/or sensory impairment. In addition, Sight & Mind also provide assistance and training for families, carers, professionals and the local community. Our aim is to ensure that our members are offered a safe and welcoming environmental where we will offer:

> Bespoke guidance and coordinated support for individual requirements.

> Activity sessions developed and delivered that are centred around the interests and needs of our customers.

> Specialised training for professionals, the community and families such as VIAT (Visual Impairment Awareness Training) which creates further awareness to the potential issues and solutions to living with dementia and a sensory impairment.

> Consultancy, both centre based and externally, to individuals and organisation who seek further understanding of dementia and sensory impairment.

To get in touch please call the team on 0151 545 1932 or email info@sightandmind.co.uk

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