Training Courses


  • Visual Impairment Awareness Training (VIAT)

  • Dementia Awareness Training

  • Dementia Care & Sensory Impairment Training

These structured, practical, training courses are for those who seek or require a greater understanding of the barriers that individuals with dementia and/or sensory impairment may face. We will explore how to support the individual through uncovering a greater understanding of their needs. 

Some of the areas covered:

VIAT Training

  • The impact on those receiving care who have sensory impairments, including dual sensory loss
  • Practical solutions to support activities of daily living
  • Person centred practice and why it is vital

Dementia Care and Sensory Impairment

  • The journey; transition stages of Dementia
  • The impact of social exclusion for the individual and family
  • Insight and appreciation of the social complexities of multi sensory loss
  • Person centred practice and why it is vital


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